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Bone Health - Modern Aid

Bone Health - Modern Aid

by Shivani Khare on Dec 28, 2021

From young kids to elders, calcium is an important element in our health. Not only does it keep our bones healthy and strong, but it also plays a crucial role in our immunity system. It is vital for your body throughout life. There are several sources of calcium around us and yet people suffer from diseases due to the deficiency of calcium and iron.

Is there any better alternative to take calcium regularly in an appropriate amount? 

Yes! Calcium supplements are here to support your flexible routine. It gives you the nutrients your body requires and aims to achieve the daily proportion of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, etc. in your body. 
In this article, we will get to know more about it! 

How to add 'Bone and Health' to your diet?

We are surrounded by ample sources of calcium, magnesium, zinc, and Vitamin D. However, we are still amidst several cases of deficiency among our people. Our lack of focus and attention leads to an incomplete diet. 

A diet that does not fulfil your nutrient requirements, does not prevent you from diseases as well. It is a crucial aspect of our lives to consume an adequate amount of nutrients from our diet daily. 

Why are we coming across these many cases of deficiency of calcium, magnesium, etc.?

For starters, there are various reasons. In our busy day-to-day lives, we often forget to consume the necessary amounts of nutrients. Our diet generally consists of lots of processed food. It reduces the effect of other nutrients that are present in low volume. 

The best part of taking supplements is the convenience. You are free to carry them everywhere with you whether it's your home, vacation, or work. It becomes more promising in results when taken after a meal. Things get easier and you are more able to keep a good track of the nutrients in your diet.

Vitamin Collection: Bone and Health

Optima Vitamins presents you with an esteemed collection of supplements that aims towards a healthy and prosperous immune system. From our vitamin collection, Bone and health play a critical role in normal muscle and nerve function, blood clotting, and the release of certain hormones.

It contains several components such as  Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Manganese, and Boron. These nutrients are equally important for your body and keep it healthy and active.

When your blood calcium levels are low – usually caused by an imbalanced diet – calcium is taken from your bones. Taking a healthy dose of calcium supplements daily can help with replacing lost calcium and improve cellular health. The nutritional values of this product are intended for your health for the long term. 

How are supplements better for you? 

Supplements are easy to add to your diet and work with immense effect when taken after meals. It is an upgrade to your lifestyle and keeps up with your hectic schedule. It gets easier to keep up with the track of your daily nutrients.

Supplements are one of the most preferred alternatives to consume your daily nutrients. They deliver you the nutrients in a beneficial way that requires little to no effort. There are several sources available for Magnesium, calcium, and zinc in fruits and vegetables. However, it may get a bit tricky to consume all of those nutrients from the same meal. Supplements provide a way and bridge the gap for the requirement of your daily nutrients.  

It makes taking care of your health and immune system much easier and convenient. 


  • Nevertheless, each person must consult their doctor in case they have an allergic reaction to any particular ingredient. 
  • Especially for those who have heart or lung disease. 
  • Any severe case of additional or reduced nutrients can lead to a fatal consequence. 
  • Kindly consult your doctor if you have a severe disease prior. 

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