7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Supplement for You

7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Supplement for You

7 Tips on How to Choose the Right Supplement for You

by Shivani Khare on Nov 30, 2021

Everyone has their experience with vitamins. A person can come across multiple vitamin references around them. From influencers on social media to their friends referring to their product samples. The process gets complicated with too many brands of vitamins and misleading advertisements. 
How will you know which vitamin is right for you? Or whom should you trust for your supplements? 
We will be helping you to come with the decision for your supplements. People take supplements for a better lifestyle and easy consumption of nutrients. However, there are some things you should take care of before buying a supplement. 

After this Article, you will be able to Choose your Supplements by Yourself!


Why is it Important to Choose Supplements Wisely? 

Choosing the right supplement for your body is more crucial than you think. It is vital to know the ingredients of supplements before taking them. It prevents us from allergies or other side effects. Many doctors suggest people should consult them before consuming vitamin supplements along with their medication. 

Vitamins are present in several forms. In various food sources, cosmetics, and medicines. When it comes to taking vitamins it is quite important to consider some things for an effective result. People often complain that they do not witness any changes in their bodies after taking a supplement. It is because they forgot to pay attention to their dosage and bioavailability. 

Therefore, to avoid allergic reactions and receive better efficacy of your supplement you should be wise before buying them.  

How to Choose the Right Supplement for You?

There are several things to be considered while choosing the right supplement for you. These factors will help you to make the right choice when it comes to your supplements. 

  • Know your Body 

  • Your age and body weight determines the kind of need you have. For young children, they need sufficient Vitamin D for their bones and muscles. It has been recommended for pregnant women to take the folic acid supplement. 
    The consumption and the dosage of vitamins often depend on the weight and height of your body. A simple blood test can help you understand your diet and what you lack in it. This will give you a clear idea if you need to focus on the vitamins or other nutrients. Knowing your body is important before consuming and taking a supplement. 

  • Possible Deficiency 

  • Many young children require particular vitamins almost daily. It helps their body grow with adequate nourishment and provides them with the necessary nutrients.

    Numerous adults lack certain vitamins or minerals in their diet. Especially people who follow a vegan diet may lack vitamin B12 or calcium. As we are growing day by day, there are many vitamins or minerals our body needs but we fail to acquire them from our diets. Deficiency can occur for several reasons such as diet, lifestyle, etc. Supplements help you to bridge that gap and fulfill your nutrient requirement. 

  • Check the Dosage 

  • Choosing a supplement that has the right dose for you is necessary. When it comes to vitamins, more is not always better and fewer vitamins can lead to deficiencies in your body. Finding the right balanced supplement helps your body to receive effective results.

    There are rare cases of disease occurring due to excess of Vitamins, be that as it may, you should still take precautions to prevent it. Cases like vitamin D toxicity are one of the diseases that occur due to the excess of Vitamin D.

  • Don’t Forget Bioavailability 

  • While checking for dosage, Bioavailability is necessary as well. It refers to the number of nutrients that your body is able to absorb. We come across several vitamins and minerals in our food sources. Some of them are easier to consume as compared to others. There are various nutrients and dietary components that interfere with the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals. The utilization of nutrients is important and should be considered before buying supplements. 

  • Consult your Dietician First  

  • Consulting your dietician should be a must. There are several types of bodies and even numerous diets that they follow. Dieticians know better about your diet and which vitamin supplement can help you to receive better results. 

    Not to forget that it also helps you to avoid overdoses of vitamins or any certain allergic reaction. They give you the guidance needed according to you and your body’s preferences for the supplements.

  • For Pregnant women 

  • For pregnant women, there are some vital vitamins and minerals they require for their health. Nutrients like protein, folate (it is usually known as folic acid when in supplement form), iodine, and iron. 

    Other vitamins like B12 and Vitamin D are also particularly significant as they help in the development of the baby’s nervous system and skeleton. Supplements help pregnant women incomplete nourishment for their babies. To fill in the gap for their nutrient requirements.

  •  Based on your Lifestyle 

  • Most of us are working from home lately due to the recent pandemic in the last few years. Staying inside all day and working from home can affect our appetite and it often leads to depletion of nutrients as well. Taking regular vitamins such as Vitamin D, omega 3 fish oils, etc. helps in taking care of the required nutrients. 

    Probiotics in Optima Vitamins have been specially designed to work synergistically and provide your body with the balance between good and bad bacteria. It helps your immune and digestive system to function properly and keeps you healthy every day.


    Vitamins are a way of life. Supplements make it easier for us to consume vitamins for the daily needs of our body. Choosing the right supplement is necessary. It allows you to experience fruitful results while taking vitamins.