Here's, why you should be considering Vitamin D3 in your diet daily

Here's, why you should be considering Vitamin D3 in your diet daily

Here's, why you should be considering Vitamin D3 in your diet daily

by Shivani Khare on Dec 14, 2021

Vitamin D3 is an essential nutrient that plays an instrumental part in our diets. We consume a variety of vitamins and minerals from various sources such as fruits, vegetables, meat, or other dairy products. When our body intakes lots of nutrients, it is as important to absorb those nutrients as it is to consume them. Vitamin D3 comes into play when we have to enhance the absorption of these nutrients in our bodies.

In our busy lives, it gets challenging to keep up with our daily doses of nutrients. It gets even more hectic to make sure our body is absorbing them properly. We often forget about these little things in our day-to-day routine.

In this article, we will explore different ways to eat up Vitamin D3 from our meals and different alternatives to consume them.

Why is Vitamin D3 so important?

Lots of nutrients that we intake from our meals are left unattended in our bodies due to a lack of Vitamin D3. It is a fat-soluble vitamin also known as cholecalciferol, that serves several purposes in our bodies. It helps our organs to absorb calcium and phosphorus. These components play a crucial role in building our muscles and bones. 
But is this essential for young kids as well?  

Well, especially young kids who are growing and developing every day, need to make sure they are benefiting from the nutrients that they are eating. Not only it prevents several diseases, but it also treats bone disorders that occur at a young age. There are several diseases like Rickets, osteomalacia, etc. that are caused due to malnutrition. It occurs even in the cases where children are well-fed every day. 

The main reason for these illnesses is the lack of absorption on the part of our organs. Vitamin D3 helps our body to bridge the gap between the unattended nutrition and our body to make sure we utilize it. 
Hence, our bodies need to consume Vitamin D3 to prevent and treat such illnesses and maintain healthy and strong bones and muscles. 

How can we consume Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is present in many sources around us. Doctors suggest that the best time to take Vitamin D3 in our diet is in the morning. We can find enriching sources of vitamin D3 in milk, plant-based milk, yogurt, cereals, margarine, orange juice, etc.  

However, oily fish is the best source of vitamin D3 but not many people encourage including fish in their diet daily. It becomes demanding where there are not enough plant-based sources for this vitamin.

Generally, our body makes Vitamin D3 and yet people suffer from bone illness caused by the deficiency of Vitamin D in general. The best alternative for Vitamin D3 is taking supplements. 
Vitamin D3 Supplements are best taken after any meal, once a day. It is a better way to consume nutrients without relying on meat sources or going out of your way to gather ingredients for your nourishment. Supplements do the job for you in a much easier way and help you to fulfil your daily needs. Vitamin D3 is known to be more potent as compared to the other components of Vitamin D and hence, why this is recommended by numerous dieticians. 

Vitamin D3 supplements 

Originally, Vitamin D3 was extracted from animals, and therefore people who prefer plant-based food often find it difficult to add it to their diet. Even though they get few plant-based sources, it becomes quite a task to add them to their meals every day.

Optima Vitamins make it easier to add vitamin D3 to our diets. They provide Vitamin D3 supplements that make consuming nutrients simpler in our busy lives. The supplement contains D3 as cholecalciferol in its formula. It helps in building a strong immune system, healthy bones, and muscles that stay in good shape.

With this supplement, you would not have to look anywhere else for your daily dose of Vitamin D3. It promotes calcium levels in your body and sturdy bone growth. 

Vitamin D3 supplements have been proven to be the most preferred alternative for nutrients. It helps in attaining a satisfied absorption of calcium and phosphorus. It encourages strong bones and the immune system and prevents us from many bone diseases. 


Vitamin D3 mainly comes from animal sources. Therefore, it gets difficult for people to include Vitamin D3 in their diet. It is essential for our body and promotes strong bones. It also prevents us from many bone diseases. 

However, Vitamin D3 supplements are proven to be a preferred alternative for people. It makes consuming nutrients much simpler. It is also flexible to our routine and easy to carry in case we wish to travel for holidays or vacations. While taking the daily dose of Vitamin D3, whether, from animal sources or supplements, it is significant to take your weight and age into consideration.