A Little About Us

And What Makes Our Products Amazing

At Optima Vitamins we believe success starts with health and we know that is not an easy task. Our mission is to provide you with supplements that fit your lifestyle. We have worked with several Doctors and Pharmacists to come up with formulations at our very own compounding facility in the US not to mention this is where we formulated our Platinum Collection Vitamins. With over 20 products and more innovations coming along the way, we will have the right vitamin just for you.

Our approach is simple: we formulate products meant to enhance the quality of life for everyone using them. And in doing so, we start from a truism – the human body is a vehicle, which needs to be nurtured and cared for so that is can last a long journey. It needs to be loved and it works best when it is offered the correct fuel and constant attention. We have transformed this truism into everyday supplements, helping it serve you in this miraculous journey called life. We’ve managed to fit all of nature’s wonders into a simple to take, affordable and amazing set of products.

"Health is essential to a successful life. Our vitamin products are formulated to give the best chance possible to live a healthy life. That is why my family uses our own products."

Ahmad ‐


Customers Love Optima Products

The active line from Optima is what out team fitness coach suggested as a season-long supplement. Couldn't be happier, my stats have been better than ever and I just feel like a million dollars.

Adybe Makubu

Footbal player - United Kingdom

Pei Lin

I tried the B supplement from my dorm mate when I went to college in the US, and I've been a loyal customer ever since. These supplements helped me go through exams and I just love them. I feel great and they even deliver them back home!

Pei Lin

Hong Kong, China


I love going to their location. They remember your name, and they're always VERY friendly. They just made a life-long customer here.


Houston, TX

Founder's Story

"I just want to start off by saying, I am not in the vitamin business per-say, I am actually in the Financial business doing IPO's and Venture Capitol. I've always wanted to take a daily supplement, and have tried all different kinds of vitamins from many different companies. Come to find out that over the counter vitamins really don’t give you the full effect. I then started doing my research, I found out that you can have your Doctor and Pharmacist work together hand in hand to come up with a "Compounded" vitamin. After researching and looking at different companies, I found a wonderful compound which has been in business for over 7 years, fully staffed, since October 2015. I then continued doing the same business that they had established. I sat down with my head Pharmacist and explained to her that I have been looking for a vitamin but I just can't find one that works for me. I asked her to talk with my doctor and formulate a vitamin that I can take daily, they came back with a couple of vitamins, and WOW! I never felt better. I asked if we could please make extra so I can send them as gifts to my friends and family. Everyone started to ask me for more and more. I then asked my pharmacist to expand and take this to the next step. The pharmacist and the doctor came up with 8 vitamins and I wanted to come up with something that is naturally good for anyone at any age no matter anyone's financial situation. My goal is not to make a big business but to help people feel better. After 2 years of research, we have 21 vitamins that have been specially formulated for our bodies to absorb and benefit more of the essentials. These vitamins were not made with the intention of making millions, they were formulated for me to use personally and I felt so great that I wanted to be able to share my vitamins with others."